Wedding Invitaions...ugh! They can be pricey, and right of the starting line. First coming up with the list and all the addresses and now the expense of actually inviting. The truth is, is that you really can get an extraordinary deal on invites. The best store that I found invitations at was Target their selection was terrific, and prices were outstanding. There are many different place you can get them online through ebay the list goes on. However, I had to see them, so that is why I went through Target. There are also many different styles of invitations, there are single invitation, invitations with covers, invitations with sleeves, cover pages, invitation kits ect... So once you have decided which set you like(they range anywhere from $25-$60 dollars depending on quantity and quality) simply purchase and head to a computer. There are instructions in the box that tell you how to set the default settings on your computer's word program, and all you have to do is pick a font that you like, font size and send through a few trial sheets, which are also provided. Once everything looks good and centered start printing. I would stay and watch checking at least every other one just to make sure nothing got stuck or jammed, we all know how computers can be, and take them off the printer once 3-4 have printed up. They are so attractive, and have a great feel. Envelopes, RSVP cards, and RSVP card envelopes are also included in the box along with direction to set default setting in your word program for RSVP's. These invitations are a fraction of the cost of having a company print them and are so beautiful. Really something for everyone. Once they are all completed simply stuff envelopes, stick stamps and drop in the mail box. I give this DIY an A++. It is so effective and affordable and simple yet elegant.