So, when I was getting married I got stressed out... The worst thing to do... However, planning an entire wedding, and literally doing most of it myself really got to me. So, when I freaked out on the flower delivery man and bit my fiance's head off I decided to relax, and that is what I did. Even thought there was about 300 million things to do the day before the wedding I stopped and took a time out and spent an hour getting a massage. I mean what is one hour? Not much... So if you are feeling wedding day freak out creeping in... STOP! And take a relaxing minute, hour, couple hours, whatever it may be and just give yourself a break... Weddings are stressful, and you deserve it...
Happy Wedding Plans :-)
All things with love...
Wedding gettting close? Summer weddings can be a ton of fun, however they can be super hot! Need some ways to keeps your guest cool during your nuptials and at the after party try some of these helpful tips...
Have an in door ceremony with A/C
Have an evening Wedding
Have misters at the reception
Self serve bar with ice tea, water and lemonade
Have a casual dress theme instead of formal wear which is much hotter
    ( A few years ago I went to a flip flop themed summer wedding, it was amazing                                                 a                                                              and so super fun!)

Fall is coming just around the corner. If thats your time of year, consider having a fall colored wedding theme. with fall leave bouquets and orange, red, yellow, and/or brown bridesmaids dresses and wedding dress accents
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