Food and beverages...

Food and drinks at weddings are huge, people will talk about how good or bad the food was long after the wedding is over. Food brings people together so having great food at your wedding is important. Food is wonderful, but when it comes to wedding food prices even great food can make you feel ill. So, why not keep it simple. Wedding food doesn't have to be some outrageously priced gourmet meal. It can be down scale, and still keep people talking. And if your really feeling up to a challenge, think about doing it yourself. Even if it's just some of the simple stuff...

Price appealing, appetizers...

Filled Bread Sticks
Appetizers that are cost effiecient and super tasty they'll never know you capped the bank on these zesty ideas.
Spicey sausage links and sauerkraut- these delicious little items are always a big hit. Served with mustard and sauerkraut they are tasty and the price, attractive too. Definately something your guests will be raving about.
Vegetable Platter- nothing beats a fresh wholesome veggie platter and dip. It is always so fresh, and yummy. Good for you too! So serve it up, and your guests will most definately eat it up.
Cheese and Crackers- whether you are doing brie or a cheese ball, cheese and crackers of any kind is a hit. Choosing filling appetizers is a good route to go. The more full your guests get on apps the less expensive dinner food they will eat. Sounds cheap? Not really, still giving people all they want just serving a less expensive item.
Fruit- seasonal fruit is a plus at any wedding. You can put fruit in a bowl or try skewers. So fun and effective. Fruit also looks absolutely stunning in a beautiful serving bowl, its like a decoration of its own.
French Bread- one of my all time favorite things where ever I go is a delicious french bread with oil and balsalmic vinegarette. And what a great simple appetizer. Really inexpensive and super attractive. An app all your guests will be dipping for.
Seasoned/filled bread sticks- you can do a classic garlic bread, or try seasoned or filled bread sticks (you can fill them with anything e.g. cheese, spinach, garlic, ham, ect). they look absolutlely fabulous arranged standing upright in a vase or basket on the tables. They are also super tasty and filling. Remember filling appetizers are a good thing. Try serving with a simple dipping or red pizza sauce.

Deliciously priced main menu items

Simple ways to help keep the cost low on your main menu items. Try serving these dishes and see your guests eat in delight.
And your pocket book will be in delighted too.
DayTime Menu:
try serving quarter sandi's. They are simple and act as either a full meal or a yummy finger food. They are cost effiectient and you can cater to any non meat eaters. Also, they are fun because you can have many different varieties and your guests can try one of each.
Pulled pork/Tri-tip- this awesome little lunch item is great for several reasons. The prep time on these is very low, there is not any coniments, and you can have the meat as a main, or try making it into sandwiches on rolls. A big hit.
Pita Pockets- pitas have become really popular in the last few years. They are fun at weddings because you can do a pita buffet. Have all the fixings for people to stuff their own. No appeasing neccessary.
Wraps- wraps are a great mid- day meal choice. They are easy to eat, they keep really well and they are filling. They look really attractive displayed and are a low carb option for anyone watching thier waste line. You can get many different flavors, and really spice them up with peppers and spicy meats or cheeses.
Ceasar Salad- have a ceasar, this is a salad that everyone seems to love, and there really is not much to it. The whole salad has four ingredients, unless you make the dressing, and it is simply a delight. So is the price...
Cobb Salad- this salad is great because it is filling and there are so many different flavors. It's pretty much a meal all its own. And it looks so great in a serving bowl, all those colors. It's almost a shame to eat. Until the first bite...
Macaroni Salad- mac salad is great. Its inexpensive, and filling and the taste Mmmmm... Its a great complimentary dish to almost everything. You can serve this either day or night. It is great with sandwiches and steak.
Potatoe Salad- potatoe salad is a great side dish for mid-day foods. It filling and is so good on a warm spring afternoon. Try ordering or making this dish with half the mayo. What a suprise, it is so much better less goopy, and better for you too.
Pasta Salad- the greatest thing about pasta is that it is so good warm or cold. You can have a chilled pasta salad with olives and all the yummy stuff. Or heat it up and it's border line gourmet. Also pasta is filling, a good thing, and cheap cheap cheap to make. Also there is usually not a lot of chopping and mixing so the prep time is low, costing you less.
The Night Owl's Mains:
Dinner food can get pricey and so complicated. So why not try keeping things low key with some of these tips.
Chicken: try barrel cooked chicken, all the cuts are wonderful and they all stay so moist. The flavor is great and home style. Something different, that you won't see at too many weddings.
Tri-Tip- BBQed or barrel cooked tri-tip is delicious, it goes great with almost anything, and people will leave talking about it.
Tortellini Pasta- always a hit. There is just something about tort that people love. Maybe it is the shape or the delicate filling. Usually affordable and you really can't go wrong. Try mixing in a pesto sauce for added zest.
Garlic Mashed Potatoes- now who doesn't love these. I know I do. Potatoes are always a great price and the taste is so good. A great dish to compliment most any main.
Soup Buffet- the most awesome wedding meal idea I have ever gotten to eat was a soup buffet. It was a winter wedding and the grooms mother cooked several huge pots of home made soup and buns and we all feasted. There were about four kinds of soup and they were all wonderful (yes I tried them all). There was also salad and soup crackers. Such a fun and inexpensive way to nourish all your guests.


Beverages are really what you make them. Literally. So, have a variety and have fun. There are tons of drink ideas, here are a few... These drink ideas are all for self serve bars, which are more cost effiecent. These drinks are all set and forget...
Non- Alcoholic:
yellow or pink is an obvious choice, especially if there are going to be little children at your wedding. Plus adults and children alike all love this tasty treat. For added beauty throw in some sliced lemon rounds. Easy to do a self serve.
Iced/Sun Tea- this you can easily make yourself, however, won't really cost that much to have your cater make it either. Older crowds love iced tea. They will drink it by the pitcher. Easy to do a self serve.
Non- Alcohol Mojito- NA mojitos are so good. They look great in a jar with the crushed mint, and limes floating around. Easy to do a self serve.
Non- Alcoholic Margaritas- most all people for some reason love Margaritas. Maybe it is the name or the thought of Mexico. Whatever the reason, serve them up. Float some strawberries for added glamor. Easy to do a self serve.
White Wine-
serve it in a champaign fountain and keep refreshing it with new bottles of chilled wine.
Champaign- do a champaign fountain and let the bubbles flow. A great way to eliminate a full service bar.
Mimosas- do a mimosa fountain, keeps the mixture mixed and lets people serve themselves.
Cranberry Mimosas- taste awesome and once again use a fountain, the fabulous pink color will jazz up any wedding.
Mint Mojito- mojitos are great drinks because you can mix up a big batch and use a self serve jar. Guaranteed to be used up before the ice melts.
Margaritas- once again, an obvious choice. Like the mojito, margaritas can be mixed and left. So yummy and you can get as creative as you want. Mix and match flavors that you like for a flavor all your own.