Food is tough. However, there are so many ways to save some serious money on food, which is the biggest expense of any wedding. Here are some simple things that you need to decide that will help determine what kind of food and beverages you will be serving at your wedding. These "little things" however can be hugely important to your budget.

Time of Day

Time of day is the number one question to ask yourself. The time of day will determine pretty much everything about the food you serve and the cost. Keep in mind that the earlier the time the cheaper the cost. So, if you are doing an early wedding you can do a brunch, serve simple food and champaign and call it good. Mid- day you can do a light lunch or just some delicious finger foods and really save a bundle. The later into the evening you go the more you are going to have to feed people, especially if you are going to have alcohol at your wedding. Dinner food can really get expensive, but there are some great ways to save a bundle on a dinner wedding as well. So think big about time of day, it could save you some big bucks.

Stand or Sit

Now time of day has a lot to do with this question. But, since you have already asked yourself that, this should be no problem. Whether you are doing a day or night wedding there are lots of fun options. If you do an early day wedding it seems that buffet is the most appropriate. A full sit down brunch seems a bit odd, but I have worked one so I know it happens. The nice thing with early day weddings is that you don't really have to do appetizers. Any other time of day you are looking at an appetizer menu without a doubt, so if you don't want to do an app. go earlier. Mid-day wedding also seems more appropriate to do a casual buffet style food service system. So if you are trying to keep the cost down do an early to mid day wedding and you can really save some cash. The food is less expensive and paying a catering company and all the employees it takes to serve a full sit down really starts to add up. Choose food that is relatively low cost start with your appetizers. Think of things with low prep time that taste delicious. Remember labor is another cost, so if you want something intricate you are going to pay to have it made. If your doing a buffet choose items that will fill up your guests. Also early or mid day wedding don't necassarily require beer, wine or alcohol. Or if you do want to go that route, you can do a self serve champaign fountain and put water and lemonaide (or whatever you choose to have) in gorgeous glass jugs with ice and a ladel. Which is elegant and less expensive than having a full service bar. Night time weddings can also be buffet, with more dinner style choices. Doing a buffet dinner is still less pricey than a sit down, but you can still have all the great food. Do a self serve bar or a service bar with just beer and wine. Let people buy their own liquor.

Sit down

self serve bar
If you want to do a full sit down, here are some ways to save a buck or two there as well. You could do more home style food, staying away from really elegant fancy dishes that are beautiful yes, but not that filling and much more pricey. Have your food choices barrel cooked or BBQed, which is quicker, easier and once again less labor intensive (you pay for). The taste is finaminal and your guests will love it. Also instead of having a server come by with drinks, do a self serve bar. They really are gorgeous and efficient. The servers just refill when low, easy as that. All these small things really can help when you are trying to stay within a budget. So, consider even the smallest of things...