Perfectly fall... in love with apples

Caramel apples are such an elegant wedding favor that are so seldom used, the best part is, you can do them yourself. Make sure that you start with small apples, don't get those giant beasts no one can wrap their teeth around. Plus, the small apples make a more appropriate sized wedding favor. Try making your own caramel or purchase caramel candys and melt in a double boiling pot. Find or purchase unique twigs and make sure and wash them before sticking them into your apples. Once the apples are stuck onto twigs, roll the apples in caramel letting the caramel drip off the end then place the apple on autumn colored leaves or plate to harden you can puchase synthetic leaves or use real ones right off your maple trees. If you want to roll in chopped nuts, chocolate, or candy roll them in caramel and immediately in chopped item of your choice. You can serve them on platters at each table or have a favor table. For best results try individually wrapping each apple in clear favor bags and tying them up with ribbon so that people can take them togo (note- make sure the caramel is completely hardened before wrapping the apples). Beautiful and elegant, these handmade wonders will have guest saying o' my how lovely.