Candy Boxes

One of the easiest favors you can do that are simple and inexpensive are candy boxes, not to mention adorable! There are so many to choose from and the best part is, you get to put your favorite candy in them. How can you beat that? Start by finding something you like at Michaels, Joannes, Richards, or any craft store. The best place to find a wide selection of candy boxes is online at, and also which has great prices. To find name brand candy that you love and can afford take a trip to a Winco supermarket or shop online at They have every shape, size, color and theme you could ever dream up. Simply fill the boxes with your favorite candy and keep them stored in a cool dry place until the big day. To add some personal touches order wedding stickers with all your information and stick them on order them online at Have each table stacked with the boxes or do a favor table on the way out. Either way these fun little boxes with no doubt treat your guests.